Mark Stephen, MD
  • Speciality Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • About Dr. Mark Stephen is an internist and a member of Macomb Physicians Group, a medical practice in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He’s been top-ranked physician in patient satisfaction. His life journey has nurtured his faith, knowledge, and interpersonal skills, and in return, has enabled him to become a competent & compassionate physician. His life experience has inspired him to realize that the human spirit can endure. He finds the proposition that the satisfaction of practicing medicine comes not only from fighting against disease, but also from having helped that patient to live a better, healthier, more productive and fruitful life. He genuinely believes that when one has a commitment to others and when one's work comforts and heals others, meaning in life is found. As such, at the center of everything he does, is the patient and his or her family.
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