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Patient Survey

Please select the type of visit that best describes the reason for THIS visit.

Please select the provider that you saw during THIS most recent visit?

Recently, have you had an opportunity to call us?
My call was ANSWERED within a reasonable amount of time.
The person who set up my appointment was helpful and courteous.
The lobby/waiting areas, exam room, and restrooms were neat and clean.
The signs were clear and understandable, allowing me to find my way around the facility with little or no difficulty.
When I checked in, the receptionist was courteous and friendly
During THIS visit, please estimate your total waiting time (waiting room and exam room)

During THIS visit, the total amount of time I spent waiting was reasonable (waiting room and exam room)
The clinical staff member (medical assistant), who prepared me for my visit was courteous, respectful and friendly.
My provider treated me with courtesy, respect and concern.
My provider answered my questions and explained my treatment.
I felt satisfied with the thoroughness of my exam and medical treatment.
Based on my most recent interaction when calling the number on the statement, the billing personnel were helpful and courteous.
Based on my most recent bill, my statements are generally accurate and easy to read.
I would recommend this practice to my family and friends.
Do you have additional comments?
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Is the patient male or female?
We appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your feedback with us.
The physicians and staff are honored that you have selected us as your healthcare provider of choice.
Thank you!
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