Macomb Physicians Group, PLLC  
A Commitment to Excellence


We are a vital part of you and your family's healthcare. Family health is our focus. Our services include the management and cure of critical illnesses, chronic and acute disease management, preventative care, and diet & lifestyle advice. In all of these situations, we are always dedicated to providing a helping hand to you.

  • Our objective is to provide you and your family with quality and personalized healthcare services.
  • We always work with a purpose: to build a healthy generation for today and tomorrow.
  • We provide accessible, timely, and extensive care that is personalized, confidential, and cost effective. Our services meet the high standards of the American Medical Association.
  • The education of our patients and their family members are a priority in promoting a healthy life style and lifelong disease prevention.
  • Our team of experts provide quality medical care including: emergency care, CT scans, laboratory bloodwork, and radiology.
  • We have a highly qualified and professional team. Our physicians have extensive experience in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, General Surgery, and Neurology.

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